HCG and nowadays COVID19 situation


How do we face now the COVID19 situation?

The best way to face a crisis situation is to adapt very quickly and to keep mooving on heads up. COVID19 situation made us even more careful about health and safety regulations because our people’s health is our wealth on one hand and made us make serious financial efforts in securing our stocks on the other hand. We are glad to do our part in producing metallic boxes for medical purposes especially in the COVID context. The boxes are being delivered as we speak and write nationally and internationally, proudly bearing the “Made in Romania” quality label.

We don’t stop and we’re best friends with all safety norms in COVID19 context, because our people’s health is our wealth!

Our service and production activities continue despite this difficult COVID19 context, which affects all of us socially and economically.
Worldwide, all industries face extremely hard choices, which need to be made swiftly in order to navigate this challenging times to say the least.
Basically we don’t stop our activities because that’s not an option for us, our business engaments needing to be satisfied in full. We apply all standard safety norms, because our team’s health is our wealth and comes before everything else. We continue delivering our services and products to our national and international customers.

How do we manage keeping our people close ?

Despite COVID 19 context, all our personnel contracts remain fully active, no technical unemployment is applied within our company. Our policy is “Everybody stays” and we focus on making extra efforts in keeping the situation stable for our team, both commercially and financially.

Moreover, besides all contracts which stand in Timisoara but also in Hunedoara Facility, we have augmented our personnel capacity during the last couple of months, as follows : 17 new workplaces, technicians for our production departments and 3 new workplaces for the administrative and commercial departments in our Headquarters in Timisoara.

HCG Metallic Constructions Facility in Hunedoara does it’s part in the COVID19 context

Our Metallic Construction Facility in Hunedoara plays an important part in the COVID19 context, since we have started producing metallic boxes in March this year.
The metal containers have multiple usages, in this case being used mainly for medical purposes. BVB Reasearch, a Romanian company, holds the patent for the metalic boxes production.
Our production capacity In Hunedoara is of 3 containers per day, with national and international destinations. Interested customers in metal contrainers are both Romanian and serveral European countries.
We are seriously involved in doing our part within the crisis situation we now face worldwide, our works bearning proudly the “Made in Romania” quality label.

Our suppliers : do they cope with the present crisis situation ?

Our suppliers are mainly located in Lombardia, Italy, the Italian area mostly affected by the COVID19 crisis. More than half of them, around 60% have frozen their activities for the current lockdown period.
We currently have the biggest hydraulic supply parts stock in Romania and we have securized it the last months, seen the international COVID19 crisis development.
We had to make sure that our supply parts stock won’t be negatively impacted therefore we have made solid financial efforts in order to keep our stock of materials under control.

Customers : current production is still going steady

Our production is working at it’s full capacity on both locations : headquarters in Timisoara focused on hydraulics and Metallic Structures Facilitiy in Hunedoara. For the moment we work on delivering our present contract’s engagement with a slight increase of demand on the hydrulics part from Romanian customers.

The increase in hydraulics demand of spare parts supply and services is mainly due to the local agricultural and construction sectors. As for our European customers, their demand is stangnant within the current unstady economical context.

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