Training Center Bosch Rexroth : plans for the near future


The investment in human capital is the best one a company or entrepreneur can make. It represents one of the key success factors for development in each sector and industry on the long run. Seen the fast pace of technological advancements made worldwide and the great difference made by the next generation tech generally speaking, we must continuously invest in growing our knowhow in hydraulics and also share our practical knowledge and expertise to the next generations of specialists in hydraulics.

Bosch Rexroth Training Center in Timisoara

In the next years our plan is to expand our know-how platform in hydraulics by implementing a Bosch Rexroth Licensed Training Center in Timisoara. Our industry needs specialists able to adapt quickly to market needs, therefore the Bosch Rexroth trainings provided will ensure the specialization in hydraulics at its best globally speaking. International Certifications guarantee the training quality and the access to a global network of specialists in hydraulics and it’s wide range of application across all economic sectors.

Licensed Training Center : what’s the added value ?

The Bosch Rexroth Drive & Control Academy has developed a global, didactic qualification and training concept for education and training, using the copyrighted DCA Qualification package which includes training systems, room concepts, software, training materials, eLearning and also teaching and learning resources. We will apply the DCA Learning Management System (LMS) and the partnered Rexroth LearnWorld accordingly, in order to deliver top quality trainings in innovative technologies.

As a training partner with a Licensed Training Center (LTC), we will have the opportunity to conduct Rexroth training in Rexroth quality, representing Bosch Rexroth. Having the LTC status, we will be able to distribute original Rexroth certificates to our trainees. Thanks to the Rexroth Learn Management System (LMS), the training certificates will also contain our own Learning Trainings Center logo.

As a Licensed Training Center we will have appropriately qualified trainers who possess a valid certificate in order to perform Rexroth Trainings. The trainer receives this certificate after he or she has successfully participated in a Train the Trainer course.

Learning Management System (LMS) – an integrated learning system

Main training areas

The technology fields and equipments in a Bosch Rexroth LTC are focused on three main areas:

HYDRAULICS : for practical applications in hydraulics various practice exercises with the applicable equipment sets will be available, for switching hydraulics for example, troubleshooting in the switching hydraulics, proportional technology, control technology or even for proportional hydraulics in mobile applications.

PNEUMATICS : in the field of pneumatics, the DCA provides exercises and equipment sets for standard pneumatics, electro pneumatics, as well as control and regulation technology. The patented component mounting system permits full flexibility, and at the same time a secure hold.

AUTOMATION / ROBOTICS / SENSORY TECH : the work stations and equipment sets for automation technology and Industry 4.0 integrate control and drive technologies in one system. Using control and sensory technology, drives are connected into a complete system, and can be used even for complex Industry 4.0 applications, that lead into this new topic step-by-step.

An advanced certified learning system

With a comprehensive media selection, Rexroth LMS secures quality knowledge transfer. We will most certainly use all training and learning resources for the preparation, support or debriefing of teaching or training, as tools for teachers, instructors, or trainers. The media used will also be suited for independent learning.

The media portfolio of the Drive & Control Academy includes everything you need from classical to digital learning solutions, in order to optimize your learning process: literature in printed and electronic form, eLearnings and eTrainings, Videos, Tools, Posters and cutaway models, 2D and 3D animations and apps & dedicated software.

The technology modules we will be able to focus on are the following:

  1. Hydraulics : Industrial Hydraulics; Mobile Hydraulics and Hydraulics, proportional control valve technology
  2. Automation / Mechatronics
  3. Robotics
  4. Industry 4.0, Connected Industry – Sensory technology
  5. Pneumatics

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