Good partnerships : the key to sustainable development


During the last decade our evolution has proven that strategic partnerships are key to ensure sustainable development. Most certainly the principle applies to all business sectors on all levels, since every investment made in the right direction, weather in upgraded technology, know-how or key people and sectors can become a win or lose situation when looking back at their effect on our business’s evolution in time. Nevertheless a properly sustained bold strategy can be the winning approach when it comes to making the difference in the technology sector and other sectors.

The beginnings back in 2012

In 2012 Hydraulic Center has signed off a contract with one of the most powerful Italian spare parts dealers, the local suppliers not being prepared for the Hydraulic Center’s requirements. Furthermore, HYC has distinguished itself within the market as an “established” supplier, appreciated for very short reaction timings and innovative solutions for repairs and preventive maintenance.

The first big contract in 2013: the year 2013 marked the sign off of the first important contract with the SAPA PROFILES group. This is how a small wave effect was created on the market and other renowned companies have required our services.

Good investments bring good results

First of all we invested in high quality equipment : the year 2014 has brought significative modifications within the company, important investments have been made in measuring equipment, hose crimping machines and at last but not the least we invested in a stock of spare parts.

Second of all we invested in human capital : 2015 brought a big plus for HYC meaning the employment of 2 new technicians of great caliber, worthy of the HYC name.As result of the employment contracts, HYC has almost doubled it’s intervention and repairing capacity, for the first time overpassing the 1 M EUR level turnover.

HCG : Strategic partnerships are key to sustainable development

Sustainable development due to strategic partnerships

2016 is the year when HYC moves in a new building, a bigger and more modern one, in order to improve it’s employee comfort and also more adequate conditions for the execution of the works. 2016 brings by other 2 new engineers in hydraulics and electrics, this way we were able to improve the diversification of our offer.

2017 instead is the key partnership’s year : 2017 is the first year when HYC joins the EU big players table, a first contract becoming concrete right after that key moment. 2017 is the ‘key year’. HYC represents a great interest for BOSCH REXROTH and becomes their official partner in Romania. Meanwhile HYC has been contacted by the most renowned producer of quick-connectors, FASTER.

New horizons and a new activity sector

In 2018 HYC signs a 6.7 mil EUR worth contract for the installation and implementation of the most modern aluminum profile extrusion factory. Also in 2018 HYC signs an association contract with the ICSH group, this way ensuring works and manpower on the long term.

2019 next level year : 2019 is the year when HYC starts building of a new headquarters which matches it’s activity expansion. In 2019 HYC becomes the main engine of HCG growth and expansion, benefiting of ICSH knowhow. HCG invests over 1 mil EUR in the retooling of its Metallic Structures and Constructions Department, meaning acquiring a 6Kw high precision laser and a metal bending press of 320 tonnes.

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